I teach courses on rhetoric and writing studies in Ryerson’s Department of English and Literatures of Modernity Graduate Program. I’m also on faculty in the joint Ryerson-York University Graduate Program in Communication and Culture. I have supervised students in both graduate programs, in projects on, for example, literature and medicine, poetics and the body, and rhetorics of alternative food marketing and activism. I am honoured to have received the 2013 Ryerson Faculty of Arts New Faculty Teaching Award.


Current Courses 



Previous Courses

ENG 108 – Introduction to Fiction: Science, Technology, Literature, and Society

ENG 200 – Writing as a Cultural Act

ENG 303 – Project Course: Writing from Theory to Practice

ENG 520 – The Language of Persuasion: Persuasion in Everyday Texts

ENG 529 – Controversies in Public Discourse

ENG 910 – Senior Seminar: Discourse, Literature, and the Body

LM 8913 – Writing as a Social Act (Graduate Seminar)

LM 8948 – Studies in Rhetoric: Rhetoric of Health and Medicine (Graduate Seminar)

LM 8948 – Studies in Rhetoric: Rhetorics of Health and Wellness (Graduate Seminar)